Vehicle Accidents


Hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your case. You don’t have to take on the insurance company on your own!

  • Airplane s
  • Boating s
  • Motorcycle s
  • Pedestrian s
  • Trucking s
Dealing with an can be a stressful situation. In desperate times like these, you should consider seeking help from a licensed personal injury lawyer. Having the right representation for your case can alleviate many of those concerns that are constantly running through your head.

Do you have any of these questions?
Who will pay for the damage to my ?
Should I go to the doctor? If so, Which one?
How will my medical bills be paid?
Will I get compensation for my lost wages?
How will I know which lawyer to pick?
Will this cost me out-of-pocket?
The insurance company keeps calling, do I have to tell them anything?
Get the information you deserve!
We understand that an can raise many questions for you, which is why we offer free information books/guides to all potential clients and even those who may not have been in an and just want to get informed! We believe you have the right to make an informed decision! We also offer a free consult to discuss the facts of your case.

South Florida Personal Injury Center, located in Hollywood, represents vehicle victims throughout the entire State of Florida. We consider our clients’ property damage and medical well-being a very serious matter and we strive to address it immediately! Our top priority is to obtain the best possible compensation for our clients and their families as we understand that many are going through financial hardships and may not have saved money for a situation like this.

 Whether it is a , motorcycle , truck or boat , our job is to recover as much money as possible for you.

What you should know about automobile s!
Automobile s can create a wide variety of injuries to drivers and passengers. The force of an typically dictates how severe the injuries can be. These may range from mild to severe in nature. If people strike their heads in a , motorcycle, truck, train, pedestrian, or bicycle , brain injury can occur.

Brain injury is typically classified into mild, moderate, and severe categories. However, any type of head injury can create symptoms including but not limited to:

Loss of consciousness
Closed head injuries
Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
Click here for more information on Traumatic Brain Injuries

Vehicle s that cause brain injury include those involving:

  • Intersection collisions
  • Drunk drivers
  • Rear end collisions
  • Hit-and-run drivers
  • Cell phone use
  • Excessive speed
  • Rollover
  • Commercial trucks
  • Motorcycles
We also represent injured pedestrians, and those whose injuries were caused by dangerous or defective vehicle design as well as negligent roadway design or improperly marked construction areas.

In addition to thousands of dollars in medical bills, there is the time missed from work and the possibility of having a lifelong impairment or disability. We are able to assist you with the after-effects of such an , as well as work with you to ensure that you receive the most money possible for your claim. We also represent families who have lost a loved one in an including those seeking wrongful death and survivor’s benefits.

The team at South Florida Personal Injury Center in Hollywood is committed to fighting for victims; we will invest whatever time and energy it takes to obtain the highest award possible for you and your family. We are proud to serve throughout the State of Florida. Click on the links below for more information and contact us so that we can help you recover.

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