The Truth About Lawyer Advertising


Finding the right Personal Injury lawyer in Florida should not be taken as lightly as any other task. Most likely, you are looking for a lawyer because something very important has happened to you or you have been seriously injured maybe you are starting a new business, divorcing your spouse, or adopting a child. While I cannot guarantee you absolute success in locating the right lawyer for your case, I can promise that reading my book will greatly increase your odds of finding the right lawyer.
You won’t have wasted your time reading this book. I will show you how to develop and use a system to find the right lawyer for your case.
Forget the lawyer ads you see in the Yellow Pages or on TV, and the “Lawyer referral” services.
Let’s talk about what questions you must ask!
You need to know which organizations and “ratings” are important and which aren’t.
Let me teach you how to “read” lawyer advertising!

If you would like to speak to a Florida licensed Personal Injury lawyer, call my office in Hollywood. Just dial 888-YourClaim, that’s 888-968-7252!

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