The Girls Secret Guide


  • Keep your drink in your view at all times (this is a no brainer)
  • Put a lid on it! These lids come handy when you are at a social gathering, party prom or nightclub. They come in handy any place where there is crow of people and they drinking. It doesn’t really matter what they are drinking. It is access to the drink that we are concerned. Just because the kids are in high school and the prom is only serving “Kool –Aid” that doesn’t mean that the drink can’t be spiked. What we’re talking about is a predator they come in all ages.
  • Out on a date? Well, use the hair rule. What is that? You ask. Say and act like there is a hair on you drink “OMG, there is a hair on my drink”!! and swiftly wrap the hair and throw it in on the floor. Immediately ask the server for a new drink. If the guy says anything about changing your drink, this might be a sigh of predator. If you leave your drink on the table and go to the restroom, even if is water, remember this drugs are colorless and odorless. Be careful watch your drink, think smart safety first.
  • Don’t accept drink from other people it is better to get the drink yourself (chain of evidence)
  • Don’t take an open beer from your collage body. Open it yourself this is the easiest way to protect you.
  • Keep your drink with you at all times. Another no brainer. Take your drink to restrooms-(It is more than lady like-it is a smart lady) This is another way for the Roofie Blockers ® can be of aid. It will protect your clothing when your making your way to the restroom plus protect your drink, while you fresh up. (remember the foul spray and perfumes)
  • Don’t swap drink or share drinks with anyone. Your drink should be something personal and not shared.
  • Don’t drink from a bowl of punch or any container that has been opened. Drugs could have already been placed in the punch. Again, watch your drink! Think smart safety first.
  • If a guy offers to buy you a drink or obtain one for you at a party, don’t be foolish, Go with him, watch the bartender pour your drink and take the glas without talking your eyes off it and of course, always carry the drink yourself. There will be a lots of no brainers in this pamphlet.
  • Like this one, -Don’t drink anything that taste or smells funny or strange. It has been know that GHB can have a salty taste.
  • Don’t be fooled by saying “ I will have a non drinking friend with me” or better yet “I will be the designate driver tonight” so what does that mean? The designate driver is going to be parched all night? I don’t think so! Many of this drug are colorless and odorless. It can be put in a glass of water.
  • If you left your drink without a watchful eye, trough it out it be the best $15 bucks you ever spend, watch drink! Think smart safety first ™.
  • Know the effect alcohol has on your body. Yes! You should know your body –It is yours- who else is better to know than you? You know how much alcohol your body can take.
  • If you feel unusually drunk after drinking a small amount of alcohol or for that matter. None at all (you were drink water), get help immediately don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let someone know you think you have been roofied. Don’t be afraid to call 911 we all have cell phones.

Below is a list of help lines you can use

1.Remenber 911


3.Florida Counseling Against Sexual Violence 
(888) 956-7273

4.Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment enter 
(305) 585 -7273.

5.Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Centers 
(954)761 -7273

6.Suicide and Rape 24 Hours Emergency service National hotline 
1 (800) 656-4673

7.National Domestic Violence Hotline 
1 (800) 799-7233 or 1(800) 787-3224

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