Project Roofie

Roofie Blockers® – Cover Your Drink! – Think Smart! – Safety First! TM

I want to thank my sister Danine, former assistant, Jennifer and Daniel Guadarrama for having faith in my product. They were my brainstorming group that helped me get the product off the ground. I thank my current staff Martina and Luz for giving me that extra effort that is very much appreciated. All their faith and confidence made this project happen.

Roofie Blockers® are bright pink silicone lids that cover and protect a drink so drugs cannot be placed into the glass without removing the lid. Roofie Blockers® also warn users to keep their drink in their view at all times. Roofie Blockers® promote awareness of a serious problem in our social community called drug facilitated date rape.

Knowledge is Power!

Drug facilitated date rape is happening:

    • On college campuses;
    • In nightclubs;
    • High school parties;
    • It’s happening to men – they are being Roofied and robbed of jewelry, money and credit cards;
    • It’s happening all over Europe.

My goal is to first promote awareness in colleges, nightclubs and among young adults that there is an epidemic of drug facilitated sexual violence in our younger communities. Knowledge is Power! Second, to provide both colleges and nightclubs along with the general public a prevention method for keeping drugs out of drinks.

Cover Your Drink Think Smart Safety First TM

The Glass Lid – It’s a silicone lid that was made to fit the majority of glasses used in nightclubs, college bars, and house party settings. One size fits most.

The lids comes in bright pink and will be coming out in black soon. They are used by both women and men. The lids have a variety of trendy sayings on top. It has the Roofie Blocker® trademark and the Roofie Blocker® website embossed on the top of the lid

The back of the lid has the following warning:

This is your first line of defense against being slipped a Roofie or another Drug that can be used to harm you! WARNING KEEP YOUR DRINK IN YOUR VIEW AT ALL TIMES! This product is only a prevention method. Like a Condom it can be taken off the perpetrator!

The Beer and Soda Can Lid – It covers beer and soda cans.

Yep! Think about it! At the prom Yes – the Prom. Boys are sexually active and predators come in all ages. Think Smart Safety First! Just because the prom is only serving Kool-Aid that doesn’t mean the drink cannot be spiked, (that means drugged) Many of these drugs are colorless and odorless. They are put in alcohol, wine and beer. They are also put soda and water. Yes water. Any open container where there are people drinking. It is the access of the drink that we are concerned with here not the type of liquid.

The beer/soda can lid has the same warning as the glass lid and the same embossing.

What about beer bottle covers? Yep. Got them too!

The Beer Bottle Lid – it covers beer bottles.

The beer bottle lid is debossed with “Roofie Blockers®” on the top of the lid and “Think Smart Safety First” is embossed underneath the lid.

Roofie Blockers® come in a bag, a very pretty trendy – “Don’t Leave Home Without It” bag. The bag includes 6 lids (1 Glass Lid, 1 Beer/Soda Can Lid, and 4 Beer Bottle Lids) it also includes a handy Date Rape Protection “how to” guide. The guide also gives important telephone numbers and websites of help lines that are available.

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